Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Chronic kidney (DCC) -diseases are relentlessly increasing globally, causing enormous human suffering, excess premature deaths and unsustainable costs.

To combat these challenges, European kidney research has traditions to build on innovative approaches, development of new methods, meticulous collection of biological sample repositories, and their smart use for the full benefit ultimately for the DCC patient in the form of new diagnostics, therapies and treatment practices.

KidneyConnect is a European Union -funded program to bring together leading teams in Europe and beyond to underpin nationally funded programs under

  • Discovery and Future Technologies
  • New Research Platforms
  • Translational and
  • Clinical Kidney Research

to create networked capacities, well trained talent pools, dynamic research-, training- and exchange programs and optimized strategies for secured funding of the topics of key importance for the DCC patient.

Notably, KidneyConnect emphasizes the importance to collaborate with patient organizations, discovery intensive industry as well as healthcare organizations with key decision makers and actively invites their participation.

We expect to achieve new concepts of cost-effective use of resources already generated throughout Europe and beyond for the full benefit of the patient, healthcare organisations and new smart economies to yield substantial benefits and agility in the huge global markets.

 Partners of KidneyConnect